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Laser Combat

New for 2022 is Outdoor Laser Combat.  Tank Trax has the very latest in Combat Sports Laser Guns, complete with re armour mode, re spawns, Zombie mode and much more. We also have some amazing new props and scenarios.

Laser Tag offers all the fun of Paintball,  Airsoft or Splatball without the need of projectiles. as the guns just fire a laser making it safe all round and perfect for parties, Schools etc.  Guns are accurate up to 100 meters.  Games from age 8+ as long as they are big enough to hold the guns.  All games are based on a minimum of 10x people @ £22 per person.

                       IT'S LIKE BEING PART OF A VIDEO GAME!

Our guns are packed full of Fortnite / Call of Duty style games. They include shields, respawns, multi-ammo modes, even a zombie mode if you’re feeling brave enough. They talk to you during the game ensuring you know how much armour and ammo you have left.  We still have old favorites like Capture the Flag and Team Death Match to keep you all engaged.

Laser Tag Hyper Shock logo.jpg



Who said laser tag is primarily for kids? We decided to make it inclusive for all ages by going the extra mile and introduce a feature not found at any other later tag, A perfect combination of electrifying fun and plain old fear, but without any bruises…  Hyper Shock, the completely safe electric shock system that gets ALL the adults involved. £25 per person for the  Hyper Shock system.

* Insurance  Approved
* 100% Safe
*Adults Only
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